• Approximate weight: 2.5 kg / 5 lb 8 oz
• Knopf-Geyer style wrap
• Bore size: 0.468 inches / 11.9 mm
• Bell throat size: medium
• Detachable hand-hammered bell flare available in yellow or gold brass
• Mouthpipe available in brass or nickel-silver
• Lever type water key
• String valve linkages
• Easily adjustable to stand in F or B-flat
• All valves and tuning slide tubes hand lapped
• Custom details will be taken into consideration
• Marcus Bonna case available on request
• Valve cap engraving available on request

Berg/clark Descant

(B-flat /High E-flat)
Approximate Weight: 2.4 kg / 5 lb 6 oz
• Bore size: 0.468 inches / 11.9 mm
• Bell throat size: medium
Designed in collaboration with Andrew Clark
 No valve near the front end of the mouthpipe or in the middle of the bell tail
The Bb side of the horn uses the same tapers as the Bb side of the F/Bb double, so it has the same big, full sound
Longer mouthpipe taper than most descants, so the sound quality of the Eb side is remarkably similar to the Bb horn in the high register
 No tuning bit at the small end of the mouthpipe to interfere with how the horn plays
Independent main and valve tuning slides for both sides of the horn
 Stop valve on Bb side of horn
Most other specifications same as double horn


 • Most specifications same as double horn
• Optional detachable F extension for A/stop valve (shown in photo)


The tubes are meticulously bent and fitted.
Each brace is made to fit exactly to avoid stresses in the finished instrument.
Forming the bell tail
Every tuning slide bow is bent by hand
Bending the bell tail
Final polishing
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